Did Beyonce have her baby?

No one really knows. A lot of people say it is a rumor. They say the baby name is Blue Ivy Carter and some say it is Ivy Blue Carter. It is so confusing. Some people believed that she paid a lady to have her baby and beyonce wore a fake stomach. It is so many rumors going around this pregnancy. Beyonce pregnancy was the most complicated it seems because she has been accused of a faking it. Many people thibk she only did that for publicity because she wasnt talked about or performing a lot like the other celebs. I think that too. But i mean if she really did have the baby than congrats to her. Her story is getting so old now. I bet she is losing a lot of fans now. Beyonce has not evwn talked about having the baby. Now they have a song out and the baby is supposely crying. That is the dumbest thing ever. It can be any baby crying in the song. I think people should not pay attention to all this they are old news now. All this is lame anyway.


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