New Blog for my team

I have a new blog for for my team! #team2bombiie. The people that is on my team they take pix holding signs saying #team2bombiie or add #team2bombiie on their pix. They will submit them to me and i will post them. Check out the blog I will still use this blog a lot. But also subscribe to that blog too. Thanx.


I love all my Subscribers and fans

I love you.
i love you et tu es ma meilleure amie pictures

My accessories

My video on some of my accessories. I hope you like.


Images of jasii2bombiie



Cool paint app (android & iphone)


Check out this painting app called paintjoy in the app store. Go download it. You can create your own pictures and save them to your phone. I created an image on there.

Fantasy Hair Dos Wow!

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These are some pictures of Fantasy hair. When you do fantasy hair you have to be really creative. Many colors and styles make up fantasy hair. People that do this sometimes make up the ideas while they are in motion of doing the model head or they think about it before they touch the model hair. They use glue, wire, string, plastic, synthetic hair, human hair, anything you name it. They come up with hairstyles like these.

Celeb lady power rangers


The top celebs and their wigs that match the power rangers colors. Blue, pink, red, black, and yellow. So fierce! Comments!

Im Jasii2Bombiie!


People follow me @pinkbutterflii2. Im a nice teen that like to blog, write, tweet, have fun, sing, rap, and dance. Tell your friends to follow me back.