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Hey everyone i just got together all the topics i will be blogging/vlogging about ready. Are you ready for them?? I hope you guys are because im going to keep you guys entertained. 🙂 But you must share my post and tell people to visit it.




My accessories

My video on some of my accessories. I hope you like.


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Fantasy Hair Dos Wow!

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These are some pictures of Fantasy hair. When you do fantasy hair you have to be really creative. Many colors and styles make up fantasy hair. People that do this sometimes make up the ideas while they are in motion of doing the model head or they think about it before they touch the model hair. They use glue, wire, string, plastic, synthetic hair, human hair, anything you name it. They come up with hairstyles like these.

Celeb lady power rangers


The top celebs and their wigs that match the power rangers colors. Blue, pink, red, black, and yellow. So fierce! Comments!

Jennifer Hudson Size Zero!!!

Jennifer Hudson has been a co-host on weight watchers since April 2010 until now. She has been losing a lot of weight. She was a size 16 at first now to a size zero. Most people don’t believe she is a size zero. She is really small now she dropped all those pounds. Maybe she is a size zero but all i can say she is  very small and have a nice shape. Most girls that are that small don’t have any definition to their body. She still has curves the right kind though. Congrats to her for losing so much weight. She really wanted to this so she put her mind to it and succeeded.

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