Im ready

Hey everyone i just got together all the topics i will be blogging/vlogging about ready. Are you ready for them?? I hope you guys are because im going to keep you guys entertained. 🙂 But you must share my post and tell people to visit it.


Its about to be a Summer Banger when I blog! Watch Out!!

Summer is about to begin and I’m going to be blogging like crazy so watch out. School has been in the way of my blogging and  I apologize.  I will also have another Admin on here working with me to keep everyone satisfied. New photos, news, videos, and promoting is coming back to my blog. I want my blog to be the main thing everyone talks about. So help me everyone that is viewing my blog. Also go like my new Facebook Page.



Thank you.


Love, Jasii2bombiie

Im Jasii2Bombiie!


People follow me @pinkbutterflii2. Im a nice teen that like to blog, write, tweet, have fun, sing, rap, and dance. Tell your friends to follow me back.

All Star Weekend Females

During all star weekend a lot of females dress all up becauselayer they want to catch them a baskeball player, football, well any celebrity they can get. Sometimes the girls are gold diggers and go sleep around to get some cash. #thatssleezy

My Home-made Music Video!!

My song ” I like to Dance” I made it in my kitchen in front of my laptop. I was singing my song. Its kind of comedy when you look at it. Look at the way i move around. Too funny. Share this on Facebook, twitter, and all over. Tell me what you think of the video post comments below. Don’t be negative please! Thank you.