Its about to be a Summer Banger when I blog! Watch Out!!

Summer is about to begin and I’m going to be blogging like crazy so watch out. School has been in the way of my blogging and  I apologize.  I will also have another Admin on here working with me to keep everyone satisfied. New photos, news, videos, and promoting is coming back to my blog. I want my blog to be the main thing everyone talks about. So help me everyone that is viewing my blog. Also go like my new Facebook Page.



Thank you.


Love, Jasii2bombiie


Help me by donating for me to have a birthday party

Can you guys help me by donating for me to have my 18th birthday party? This will be my first birthday party. I really need help. Please spread the word.

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Email me topics.

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I need help. Donate?


Hey everyone this is a personal post because im struggling a little bit and i need to support me my mom and sister. So i created a donate page and it has my story for more information. Can you read my story and help me out by donating? I just created the page and i thought i should advertise it on my blog to see if any of you guys can help. Here is my link. I hope you have a good heart and donate. I’ll appreciate it a lot if you donate it. I will thank you by sending you an email or call you. 🙂