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Kim Kardashian Pregnant!!

Okay when i found out Kim Kardashian was pregnant by Kanye West i was like EWWW! How many more men is she going to sleep with?? She is still married to Khris and really she cheated even though they are separate that’s still nasty. Her rep is all messed up and she cant never clean it up. Now she is having a baby and since technology is getting advanced when her baby girl grow up she will see all the things about her mom. That’s embarrassing! Kim has a sex tape with Ray-J and when i saw part of it i was like why you chose him out of all people! I don’t have anything against Ray-J but i was very puzzled. I’m not a fan of Kim but people that are is weird because she doesn’t do anything to be a fan of. So the people out there is going to be a fan of a girl that sleeps around with a lot of celebrities? A girl that isn’t really that creative? A girl that has a bad rep? That’s nothing to be a fan about honestly. But I do give her a little credit of at least doing something positive like create a fashion line with her sisters. And she did a good job in Tyler Perry movie “Temptation” I liked her little role. It was very funny. But back to the original subject she is having a little girl as her reality show announced. Hopefully its Kanye baby. Because what if she slept with Khris and it turns out to be his?? That’s something to think about. Even though Kim is having a baby with Kanye really it’s Kris baby baby because they are married. Also Kim said she didn’t want to have a baby like this. So if that’s the case keep your legs closed and it wouldn’t had happened. That’s all i have to say about this.


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Im ready

Hey everyone i just got together all the topics i will be blogging/vlogging about ready. Are you ready for them?? I hope you guys are because im going to keep you guys entertained. 🙂 But you must share my post and tell people to visit it.

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I have a new blog for for my team! #team2bombiie. The people that is on my team they take pix holding signs saying #team2bombiie or add #team2bombiie on their pix. They will submit them to me and i will post them. Check out the blog http://team2bombiie.wordpress.com I will still use this blog a lot. But also subscribe to that blog too. Thanx.

Jasii Tv Coming Soon

I’m about to have my own TV social network. It’s going to be for my fans to chat with.