Im ready

Hey everyone i just got together all the topics i will be blogging/vlogging about ready. Are you ready for them?? I hope you guys are because im going to keep you guys entertained. 🙂 But you must share my post and tell people to visit it.


Its about to be a Summer Banger when I blog! Watch Out!!

Summer is about to begin and I’m going to be blogging like crazy so watch out. School has been in the way of my blogging and  I apologize.  I will also have another Admin on here working with me to keep everyone satisfied. New photos, news, videos, and promoting is coming back to my blog. I want my blog to be the main thing everyone talks about. So help me everyone that is viewing my blog. Also go like my new Facebook Page.



Thank you.


Love, Jasii2bombiie

I’m Back!! Jasii2Bombiie #BAM

Whats everybody im back. I have been neglecting my blog for a while now. I really do apologize for that. Im going to be posting things everyday now. Im now in college and i have been busy. I need more traffic here so im going to be posting some juicy gossip. Also Im going to keep you updating on the things i do. You guys have to help support me in this. I want yall to help me promote this blog, tell people about this blog i will appreciate it. Im also about to post on here. So its going to be a vlog too. Not just blog. I want to keep you guys entertained here. I want yall to keep coming back for more. Also remember to follow me on twitter @pinkbutterflii2 and most of yall looking at this already know my twitter. Hit me up sometime and tell what you think of my blog i will love to hear from you.

New Blog for my team

I have a new blog for for my team! #team2bombiie. The people that is on my team they take pix holding signs saying #team2bombiie or add #team2bombiie on their pix. They will submit them to me and i will post them. Check out the blog I will still use this blog a lot. But also subscribe to that blog too. Thanx.

Email me topics.

Email me some topics to blog about put in the subject: blog topics. In the body: different topics.

Im Promoting Free

Hey people I’m about to start promoting people on my blog.

My New blog

This blog is about a lot of stuff like gossip, news, about me, funny pictures, random things, also its a social place for people to hang out. By the way my name is Jasmin aka Jasii2Bombiie.

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